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After School Programs


  • 3:00pm - 6:00pm


  • 5 days/week at $420/month

  • 4 days/week at $336month

  • 3 days/week at $252/month

  • 2 days/week at $168/month

  • 1 day/week at $90 month

We accept insurance for Occupational Services, Physical Therapy. 


We also accept DDA for Community Respite, Skilled nursing.


What Is It?

The goal of Tiny Notes is to provide fun and engaging, inclusive after-school programs that encourage students to learn in a constructive, safe environment. Our instructors create a welcoming atmosphere by being friendly, patient, and approachable. Instructors are trained to handle classroom management from a positive perspective, employing positive feedback to encourage students and promote appropriate classroom behavior. Respect, honor, integrity, and collaboration are important parts of the Tiny Notes classroom, and respect for classmates, teachers, and materials is consistently reinforced. The Tiny Notes model emphasizes creativity and self-expression while providing a structured learning environment for students.

Students will receive homework help from tutors. Each Afternoon will be structured with academic services along with fun, engaging enrichment activities and time for social creativity. If children need extended help in a subject, reading groups, writing, and math groups will also be a part of their program. Our job at Tiny Notes is to ensure that the children have a well-rounded, beneficial experience with us. 



Educational Clubs

  • Photography

  • Art

  • Music

  • Stem/Lego

  • Community Outreach

More to come!

Extended Services Available

  • Occupational Therapy ( Most Insurances Accepted)

  • Speech Therapy 

  • ABA 

Children with IEPs welcome!

Registration is open for Grades K-5.

Limited availability


At this time Tiny Notes does not provide transportation. However, children with disabilities may qualify for Access through Kitsap county. Check with South Kitsap regarding transportation services.  If there is anything else we may assist with. Please give us a call. We are working on providing transportation as soon as possible.

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