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Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

1605 Woodridge Dr SE, Port Orchard, WA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Company

Tiny Notes is a small arts based, inclusive program, offering center-based ABA therapy with services for clients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other varying developmental needs. We combine a fun learning environment with individualized teaching methods to improve the lives and engagement of our students.

About the Role

We are looking for fun, energetic, empathetic individuals with strong leadership and communication skills. Candidates that are detail-oriented and have strong organizational skills are a must.

Tiny Notes Music and Movement is looking for a BCBA to join our transdisciplinary therapy team comprising speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and child development specialists.

Must be available to work until 4-6PM, three days per week.

This position requires the individual to have a minimum of a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis and hold an active status as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Salary: $70,000 - 80,000


The employee must have:

  • good organization and time management skills

  • the ability to follow through on given directions in a timely manner

  • patience, the ability to interact well with children

  • the ability to work cooperatively as a therapy team member

  • the ability to work well independently

  • passed all behavior technician competencies

  • good written and verbal communication skills Principal Duties and Responsibilities Responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to, the following:

  • Provide supervision of behavior technicians working with clients

  • Implement1:1 behavioral intervention programs for children

  • Participate in training activities as needed that provide instruction on Applied Behavior Analysis, discrete trial teaching techniques, management of challenging behaviors, child development, and data collection techniques applicable to the client population. In addition to recording and reporting on the behavior.

Admin Responsibilities to include but not limited to:

  • ABA Staff Trainings

  • Total Therapy

  • Shadow Requirements/New Hire trainings

  • Session Note & Data Collection

  • Monthly Staff training

  • Tech Discipline

  • Interviews

  • Prepare plan in absence of clients and Staff.

  • Assist in gilding ABA operations calendarTech Session Notes Audits

  • ABA Tech schedules and communicates schedule with Admin Staff

  • Tech Weekly Schedules

  • FBA’s Schedules/ Caseload assignments

  • Communication with parents in conjunction with Admin Staff

  • Treatment Plan Schedule - 30 days before the end of plan

  • Knowledge and implementation of policies and procedures for ABA department

  • Budget for ABA department.

  • Meet a total of 30 Billable Hours & 10 Admin Hours weekly

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