What is it?

The Homeschool Enrichment Program is open to home-educated students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. This program is designed to enrich and assist a classical home-education with excellent academic enrichment classes, and provide an opportunity for students to learn alongside their grade-level peers. Our goal is to partner with parents in developing students with strong character and virtue. This program provides home-educators with an academic community.


We are different than learning pods, traditional public & private schools

Tiny Notes is not a school. We are an enrichment center & instill the love of learning in every child. We are different because we believe in hands-on learning for our enrichment programs. We believe children learn better & retain knowledge by hands-on learning, through art, crafts, constructing, writing, critical thinking & through projects & everyday life.


Our teachers teach students to LOVE learning & challenge them to continue learning when they go home. With our enrichment classes, we believe all students should learn at their own pace. Although some classes will assign work beyond the classroom, because we are not a school, it is up to the parent to decide on how much more they learn beyond the classroom. Many students develop a love of what they're learning in class to continue learning when they get home. This is a drop-off program, parents may sign up to volunteer, and must pass a background check but will not be allowed to attend daily, unless cleared with Director or Assistant Director. 

This program is offered 1-4 days a week, M-Th with different emphasis and programs each day. Each class has a high basis of students meeting their social/emotional development needs. Students will work on group projects, social development activities, and play-based learning. If you would like to participate in less than 3 hours, please contact us to arrange.


Fee Schedule 

4 days a week -$350 a month 

3 days a week- $305 a month 

2 days a week- $245 a month 

1 day a week - $190 a month


One time/ per session, supply and snack fee of $50 due at time of registration. An Invoice will be emailed within 24 hours of registration.

Classes Schedule: Classes operate from 1-4 pm, M-Th.

Winter session: Starts January 3rd, 2021 

See calendar for program breaks. Monthly tuition is not prorated for days that we are on scheduled breaks. Listed below are the subjects that are covered in the days listed below. Each subject will be explored in a play-based manner. Children are encouraged to bring home work from home for tutoring in subjects.

Click here for a more in-depth look at the daily schedule