Tiny Notes is proud to announce their partnership with Silver Linings Music Therapy Services!

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Meet Stephanie Bayne, MT-BC


Silver Linings was established in 2020 by Stephanie Bayne. Her vision for the company stems from her desire to serve others through music. She has been a Board Certified Music Therapist since 2015 and received her BA in Music Therapy from Charleston Southern University. Stephanie has also been teaching private lessons with an adaptive approach since 2009. 

Silver Linings aims to bring Music Therapy Services to a wide range of ages and populations, as well as private music lessons. It is our mission at Silver Linings to use music to find the good in situations that may seem challenging, no matter how big or small. We believe that music is an incredibly powerful tool that can play a role in bringing an increased quality of life to all who experiences its benefits.

What is Music Therapy?

“Music Therapy is the evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. Music therapy interventions can address a variety of healthcare & educational goals: promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, express feelings, enhance memory, improve communication, promote physical rehabilitation, and more.”

— American Music Therapy Association

In Ms. Stephanie’s words, music therapy is both interactive and immersive, inviting and encouraging, motivating and magical. Music therapists work to improve, enhance, or maintain emotional, physical, behavioral, social, and cognitive well-being. Facilitating development in communication and sensorimotor skills can also be addressed. Music therapists use music as the vehicle to target those needs through a variety of music therapy techniques and interventions, including singing, instrument play, movement to music, songwriting, improvisation, lyric analysis, music learning and performance, and receptive music listening.


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5 Student minimum for each class